Vocabulary is very important in understanding science concept. There is a link to online flashcards to aid you, but the physical flashcards you make in class will be just as important. I teach my Three-Step Flashcard Method to help students use flashcards most effectively in learning vocabulary.

Students turn in 300 index cards in the beginning of the year, and these are redistributed as we use them along with copies of the cut & paste flashcards. Based on research, some students do learn best by¬†writing definitions, but it is not the majority. For this reason, we focus on using the flashcards, rather than spending time making the flashcards. This way, students can choose how they will go through the cards (saying words/definitions¬†out loud, reading cards, writing the words/definitions, acting them out, etc) based on what works best for the student. (Check out my “Learning & The Brain” Pinterest board for more hints, tips and tricks to aid in learning)

Below are links to all 8 core concept vocabulary lists as well as the cut & paste vocabulary pages. In case you’ve misplaced yours, you can find a replacement!

Core 1: Basics of Science

Core 2: Characteristics of Life

Core 3: Cell Structures

Core 4: Ecology

Core 5: Cell Functions

Core 6: Genetics (& DNA)

Core 7: Biomes

Core 8: Classification