Ewalt Computer Lab 9-8-16

By eduk8r

  • Get out Pink Computer sheet – log in to computer using the username and temporary password
  • When asked – change your password to the one written at the top of your paper checklist (Starting with capital C, then lower case hms with the @ symbol and your lunch pin).
  • Write the new password on the pink sheet


  • Open Chrome – in URL Web Address bar (NOT THE SEARCH BAR) type:

    • Click on the link for ASSIGNMENTS
    • Find post titled “Ewalt Computer Lab 9-8-16
    • Copy Homework into Planner – Nametag due Wed, Book cover by Fri, Textbook Introduction due Mon, Study next TEN prefixes


  • Click the link for your block quiz. Answer ALL questions and submit, then return to the assignments page.


  • Click link for Powertest (opens in a new tab – leave this tab open)
    • Log in with your Student ID (on pink sheet)
    • Find “Life Science Pre Test” and take the test as soon as it loads
    • The pretest does not count as a grade! This is to show how much life science your already know. You may leave questions BLANK. There will be a time limit on the PreTest so that you can complete today’s work!
    • After test, hit submit, close the test tab and return to the class assignment page.


  • PICK UP your TEXTBOOK, NAMETAG, TEXTBOOK INTRO worksheet from the front of the room!
  • BRING your earbuds and computer login sheet to show Mrs. Ewalt.
  • Click link for Google Classroom
    • Log in with your username and new password. If asked to reset the password, use the same one written at the top of this page.
    • If asked, choose “student” – then you should find the Life Science class listed (if not see Mrs. Ewalt)
    • Click and open the Life Science Class
    • Next find and open “9-8 Homework Instructions” assignment
    • Follow the directions to put your NAME on your textbook INSIDE and on the paper edge. When you have followed the textbook directions and understood the homework instructions, click “Turn In”
    • The class name tag is due Wednesday and the Textbook should be covered by next Friday.
  • Exit all windows, log off of your computer – Turn in this page to Mrs. Ewalt.
  • Work on your class name tag (due Wednesday), mystery headline (due next Friday), or your Textbook Introduction Homework.


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Ewalt 9/5 – 9/8

By eduk8r

Monday – Enjoy Labor Day!

Tuesday – First day of school. Review procedures. Raisin Lab. HW: Supplies due 9/13, parent signed papers due Thursday, Put science papers into science section. Quiz Friday on Procedures.

Wed 9/6 – Cellfie 1: Chloroplast. Prefixes and the 3 Step flashcard method. Mystery Headline. HW: Supplies due 9/13, parent signed papers due Thursday, Put science papers into science section. Quiz Friday on Procedures and vocab 1-10 Friday. Study Vocab 15 minutes.

Thu 9/7 – Supplies due. Cellfie 2: Mitochondria. Scientific Method Notes. Finish flashcards. Continue Mystery Headline. HW: Quiz on procedures and vocab 1-10! Study Vocab! Meet at computer lab 155 Friday, bring earbuds. Supplies due 9/13.

Fri 9/8 – Quiz on procedures and vocab 1-10. Life Science Pre-Test. Assign books. Google Classroom assignment. HW: Book cover due 9/15, Nametag due 9/13. Supplies due 9/13. Mystery Headline due 9/15. Textbook introduction due Monday 9/11.

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Kelley/Bennett May15-19,2016

By eduk8r

Click here to learn about Create A Creature

Monday May 15 – Cell Quiz. Create a Creature  Brain storm Test in lab 143

HW:  Work on Create a Creature

Tuesday May 16 – Survivor game, Earthworm drawing

HW:  Work on Create a Creature

Wednesday  May 17 – Reading SOL. Block 4 –Lion King

HW: Create a creature

Thursday May 18 –Protist lab and 6 kingdom handout  Switch classrooms

HW: Create a creature

Friday May 19-  Planarian lab and Identifying  vertebrates / word search

HW:  Create  a creature due Tuesday

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Kelley and Bennett May 8-12, 2017

By eduk8r

Please send in cookie dough roll and/or m&ms, chocolate chips (white chips, butterscotch…), mini m&ms and other sprinkles.  We appreciate whatever you might be able to donate to our Cell Cookie Models.


Monday May 8 Finish land biomes- coloring and placing on them the animals. Due on Friday along with test corrections (optional)

HW:  study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections

Tuesday May 9– finish 9 biomes with Bill Nye video on wetlands and the 2 water biomes-Estuary and Marine.

HW:  Study Cells. study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections

Wednesday May 9 brain pop Classification, discuss Carolus Linneaus  Dichotomous keys and levels of classification –Bring dough and toppings and continue studying cell parts Thursday

HW:  Study Cells. study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections Bring in cookie dough and sprinkles

Thursday May 10-   9 phyla lab and sheet.

HW:  Study Cells. study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections DUE Friday Bring in cookie dough and sprinkles

Friday May 20– Cell Quiz. Notes and brainpop on 6 kingdoms.

HW: Bring in cookie dough and sprinkles.  Study notes on classification- kingdoms and phyla.

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Kelley/Bennett April 24-28,2017

By eduk8r

Monday April 24-. Punnett squares- pea pods and Bikini bottoms Genetics handout, make flash cards for core 6

HW:  1-12 on study guide core 6,   test on Friday

Tuesday April 25- Finish DNA bead model Cloning & Dolly brainpops. Genetic engineering reading packet.  Bikini bottom genetics problems.

HW:  13-25 on study guide core 6 test on Friday

Wednesday May 4 – go through first half of pages in book on genetics together, Cell quiz, vocabulary worksheet using flash cards

HW:  26-38 on study guide core 6 test on Friday

Thursday May 5 – go over study guide for test and rest of book pages. Bill Nye “Genetics” Give out answer sheet to study guide.

HW:  finish the study guide core 6,  test tomorrow

Friday May 6 –Take test on core 6 Genetics.  Make flash cards for core 7 on Biomes pick a color you haven’t used before. Turn in study guide.

HW:  finish any unfinished classwork- microscope lab, DNA paper or bead models

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April 3-6, 2017

By eduk8r

Monday April 3

DNA- history of its structure, Rosalind Franklin Rap, make model of DNA

HW:  finish making the model of DNA

Tuesday April 4

Carreer day

Cell video and cell cycle review

HW:  Study flash cards for quiz

Wednesday April 5

Microscope lab and Bill Nye “Populations”  video

HW:  continue studying DNA and flash cards

Thursday April 6

Ecological Video:  Over the Hedge

Review notes and handouts

Friday – no school

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March 27-31Kelley/ Bennett

By eduk8r

Monday March 27 Students will review for the test  Go over the answers to study guide.  Get creature parts. Make creature.

HW:  Get study guide signed and Finish study guide by Wednesday.  You should know all flash cards and notes.

Tuesday March 28-Students continue reviewing for test.  Title page core 4 and summary.

HW: Finish study guide and title page core 4.  You should know all flash cards and notes.

Wednesday March 29 Test Core 4 Ecology. Turn in study guide and title page core 4 Ecology.  Make core 5 vocabulary flash cards.

HW: Study guide and ecology core 4 title page.

Thursday March 30 Review cell parts, cell cycle, diffusion notes set up gummi bear lab and title page core 4 Ecology Give out handout with microscope parts.

HW:  label microscope parts

Friday March 31– Review the cell cycle and study microscope parts

HW:  study flash cards on microscope

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M Kelley and (Ewalt) Bennett March 20-24, 2017

By eduk8r

Monday 3/20 – Continue Owl Pellet Lab and Froguts computer lab

HW: Finish Mr. Bones and study vocabulary.  Test core 4 next Wednesday.

Tuesday 3/21 –Continue Owl Pellet lab and Froguts computer lab.

HW: Be sure to finish any make up work.  Study vocabulary core 4 and handouts for test next week on Wednesday.

Wednesday 3/22 – Continue Owl pellet lab and take notes on the computer on cell cycle.

HW: Be sure to finish any make up work.  Study vocabulary core 4 and handouts for test next week on Wednesday.

Thursday 3/23 –  Census takers.  Class discussion on Eutrophication, Succession and Cycles.

HW: Review 1-50 Ecology core 4 flashcards at least 4 times during spring break! Click on the Quizlet link on the right of this entry.  The test will be Wednesday March 29th.

Friday 3/24   Finish owl pellet lab. Go over all vocabulary. Finish Mr. Bones. Study Guide.

HW: Begin study guide and review 1-50 Ecology core 4 flashcards. Test on Wednesday.

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Kelley/Bennett lab instructions

By eduk8r

cell cycle

quizlet core 4 vocabulary


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MKelley March 6-10, 2017

By eduk8r

Monday 3/7 –Students review for the Test on core 2 and 3 with handouts and study guide. Student make cell model.  HW:  test on Wednesday

Tuesday3/8–Continue with cell model.  Go over the study guide for the test on Wednesday. title page core 2 and 3

HW: finish cell model, summary and title page core 3 due Friday

Wednesday 3/9 Core 4 vocabulary and Check list includes cell model, summary and title page core 3

HW:  summary and title page- due Friday

Thursday 3/10  test corrections core 2/3, Bee model, Beestick lab, Measure astroplants

HW:  finish bee model and lab questions, Cell model, summary and title page core 3, test corrections- all due Friday.  There has been class time to do all these assignments.

Friday 3/11  Binder Cleanout, Savanna ecosystem notes, dem bones if time 

HW: Begin to study flash cards that we used in the notes today.

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