Block 1 Voki

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Kelley/Bennett May15-19,2016

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Click here to learn about Create A Creature

Monday May 15 – Cell Quiz. Create a Creature  Brain storm Test in lab 143

HW:  Work on Create a Creature

Tuesday May 16 – Survivor game, Earthworm drawing

HW:  Work on Create a Creature

Wednesday  May 17 – Reading SOL. Block 4 –Lion King

HW: Create a creature

Thursday May 18 –Protist lab and 6 kingdom handout  Switch classrooms

HW: Create a creature

Friday May 19-  Planarian lab and Identifying  vertebrates / word search

HW:  Create  a creature due Tuesday

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Kelley/Bennett April 24-28,2017

By eduk8r

Monday April 24-. Punnett squares- pea pods and Bikini bottoms Genetics handout, make flash cards for core 6

HW:  1-12 on study guide core 6,   test on Friday

Tuesday April 25- Finish DNA bead model Cloning & Dolly brainpops. Genetic engineering reading packet.  Bikini bottom genetics problems.

HW:  13-25 on study guide core 6 test on Friday

Wednesday May 4 – go through first half of pages in book on genetics together, Cell quiz, vocabulary worksheet using flash cards

HW:  26-38 on study guide core 6 test on Friday

Thursday May 5 – go over study guide for test and rest of book pages. Bill Nye “Genetics” Give out answer sheet to study guide.

HW:  finish the study guide core 6,  test tomorrow

Friday May 6 –Take test on core 6 Genetics.  Make flash cards for core 7 on Biomes pick a color you haven’t used before. Turn in study guide.

HW:  finish any unfinished classwork- microscope lab, DNA paper or bead models

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April 3-6, 2017

By eduk8r

Monday April 3

DNA- history of its structure, Rosalind Franklin Rap, make model of DNA

HW:  finish making the model of DNA

Tuesday April 4

Carreer day

Cell video and cell cycle review

HW:  Study flash cards for quiz

Wednesday April 5

Microscope lab and Bill Nye “Populations”  video

HW:  continue studying DNA and flash cards

Thursday April 6

Ecological Video:  Over the Hedge

Review notes and handouts

Friday – no school

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March 27-31Kelley/ Bennett

By eduk8r

Monday March 27 Students will review for the test  Go over the answers to study guide.  Get creature parts. Make creature.

HW:  Get study guide signed and Finish study guide by Wednesday.  You should know all flash cards and notes.

Tuesday March 28-Students continue reviewing for test.  Title page core 4 and summary.

HW: Finish study guide and title page core 4.  You should know all flash cards and notes.

Wednesday March 29 Test Core 4 Ecology. Turn in study guide and title page core 4 Ecology.  Make core 5 vocabulary flash cards.

HW: Study guide and ecology core 4 title page.

Thursday March 30 Review cell parts, cell cycle, diffusion notes set up gummi bear lab and title page core 4 Ecology Give out handout with microscope parts.

HW:  label microscope parts

Friday March 31– Review the cell cycle and study microscope parts

HW:  study flash cards on microscope

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Kelley/Bennett lab instructions

By eduk8r

cell cycle

quizlet core 4 vocabulary


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Mrs. Kelley Jan 6-10, 2017

By eduk8r

Monday Students will measure with a metric ruler. Cellfie 2, 3 -mitochondria and ER, review 1-24 flash cards on prefix word parts

HW:  Write the 3 paragraphs by Thursday.  Know 1-24 by Wednesday.

Tuesday- The next cellfies-ribosomes will be discussed. Classes will practice reading a graduated cylinder. Leaf lab.  Measuring accurately

HW:  :  Study notes on tools, cellfies, and flash cards for quiz on Wednesday. Get safety contract signed

Wednesday- Cellfies continue: golgi cell membrane,cytoplasm, Quiz today. Core one Textbook intro handout.  Flash cards for Core 1

HW:  begin to study all tools on the flash cards and cellfies.  Finish 3 paragraphs.

Thursday- Kelley’s classes will measure liquid volume and learn about water displacement. All classes continue studying cell organelles with another Cellfie. Go over vocabulary flash cards.  Test next Friday.

HW:  study notes and labs along with flash cards for quiz on Friday

Friday:  Solid volume in Kelley’s class will be measured.    All classes will review labs, notes and flash cards then take a quiz on this week’s material.  Students will learn how to read a Celsius thermometer and compare the temperature scales.  Quiz over weeks material

HW: Review notes – test will be next week on Core 1 material.

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Jan 17-20 2017 Mrs. Kelley

By eduk8r

Monday is a holiday

Tuesday- create a creature activity and creature genetics review

HW:  Finish coloring pages for Biomes, create a creature 1-11 tonight and all due Friday

Wednesday-Students will play the survivor game with Creature from Creature Genetics, Students work on their created creature applying the knowledge they have gained all semester.  If time begin Frog lab.  Color Earthworm anatomy

 HW: Create a creature, Earthworm anatomy picture

Thursday- If specimens arrive, Protist lab will be done using the microscope and dichotomous keys.  Frog anatomy coloring sheet.  Create a creature

HW; Frog anatomy

 Friday: Planarian lab and crossword with all words

HW:  study frog anatomy and finish crossword

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MKelley Jan 2-6,2017

By eduk8r

Happy New Year!!

Monday- Complete  3 biomes Catchup day; and binder cleanout. HW: complete assigned biomes by coloring, adding 3 animals and the climagraph

Tuesday- Vocabulary core 8  Classification notes taken in write in textbook. Complete 5 biomes.  HW: Study over book notes for quiz

HW:  know notes and  vocabulary discussed in class. Work on new biomes. 

Wednesday-  9 phyla lab and worksheet Continue biomes (now you have 7).  There will be 9 total. HW:   study flash cards and notes discussed in class.

Thursday: 9 phyla lab and finish biomes

HW:  study notes and flash cards core 7 and 8  for a quiz. Make sure all 9 biomes are completed. There should be 9 done.

Friday: Quiz on notes and flash cards, begin create a creature.

HW:  continue review of core 7 and 8

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Mrs. Kelley’s computer lab November 15

By eduk8r

Click on this for the survey

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