1/30 – 2/2

By eduk8r

Tuesday – First day of class! Welcome. Procedures discussion. Raisin lab. HW: Parent survey. Supplies due 2/7

Wednesday – pH Brainpop review. Cellfie: Chloroplast. 3 step flashcard method practice. HW: Study vocab 15 minutes. Supplies due 2/7

Thursday – Cellfie: Mitochondria. Flashcard practice. Kahoot review. Who are you? HW: Who are you? due Monday 2/5, Supplied due 2/7, Quiz Tues 2/6 on procedures and prefixes 1-10.

Friday – Pretest. Continue Who are you? HW: Who are you? due Tuesday 2/6, Supplies due 2/7, Quiz Tues 2/6 on procedures and prefixes 1-10.

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12/4 – 12/15

By eduk8r

Mon 12/4 – cell cycle notes and froguts in google classroom. HW: p162-167 #s 5-11, 13

Tue 12/5 – Cell quiz (for those that need to reach goal/improve grade). Cell Transport notes. Begin gummy bear osmosis lab. Froguts. HW: p125-128 #s 10-16, Study core 5 words!

Wed 12/6 – Continue gummy bear lab. Hand motions for cell cycle. Review core 5. Froguts. Cell quizzes as needed. HW: Study core 5 – quiz tomorrow

Thu 12/7 – Finish gummy bear lab. Core 5 quiz. Microscope learning lab. HW: Core 5 Title page, Microscope parts worksheet

Fri 12/8 – Froguts. Cell quizzes as needed. Core 5 study guide. Microscope Cell Lab. HW: Core 5 study guide, if not done.

Mon 12/11 – Review for test. Survivor game. (Cell quizzes if needed) HW: Study for test

Tue 12/12 – Core 5 Test. Core 6 vocab cards. Intro vocab to core 6 quizlet.

Wed 12/13 – Vocab reviews. Cell Cookie. HW: Review Core 4 Ecology and Core 8 Classification vocab.

Thu 12/14 – Boundin’ Ecology/Classification quiz. HW: None

Fri 12/15 – Lion King Ecology. HW: None

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11/13 – 12/1

By eduk8r

Mon 11/13 – Rat Genius. Bee Model. Symbiosis notes. HW: Study for Vocab Quiz.

Tue 11/14 – Vocab Quiz. Begin Owl Pellet Lab. Bee Model. HW: Study rest of core 4 vocab – quiz Monday.

Wed 11/15 – Carrying capacity & limiting factors. Continue Owl Pellet Lab. HW: Study rest of core 4 vocab – quiz Monday.

Thu 11/16 – Guest speaker from the Math-Science Innovation Center – TOPIC: BIOMIMICRY. HW: Study rest of core 4 vocab – quiz Monday.

Fri 11/17 – Hierarchy and Territorial Imperative. Continue Owl Pellet Lab. HW: Study rest of core 4 vocab – quiz Monday.

Mon 11/20 – Vocab Quiz. Picky eaters carrying capacity & limiting factors. Measuring populations and Census Takers. HW: Metric Celebration Tuesday!

Tue 11/21 – Mr. Bones. The Lorax. Metric celebration! HW: continue to review core 4 vocab.

Wed 11/22 – (Load Test block 1). Bill Nye Biodiversity. Work on Mr. Bones and Bee Model. HW: Happy Thanksgiving!

Mon 11/27 – Owl Pellet lab. Happy/Sad bears. HW: Finish lab if not done. Core 4 Test Thursday!

Tue 11/28 – Core 4 Study Guide. Assemble creatures. HW: Complete study guide if not done. Test Thursday.

Wed 11/29 – Finish owl pellet. Review for test. HW: Core 4 Test Thursday!

Thu 11/30 – Core 4 Test. Core 5 Flashcards. HW: Find old vocab cards from list.

Fri 12/1 – Cell cycle notes. Froguts. HW: Review vocabulary for quiz.

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10/23 – 11/3

By eduk8r

Mon – 9 phyla lab and test review. HW: complete study guide, study for test.

Tue – Amoeba sisters review video. Gizmo-dichotomous key. HW: Finish core 8 title page if not done. Test Wed.

Wed – Core 8 Test! Finish Gizmo. Extra brainpop review! HW: Bring core 2&3 flashcards to class Thursday.

Thu – Core 8 Binder cleanout. Core 2&3 vocab review if time. Cell organelle notes (review cellfies). HW: Study Core 3 2&3 Vocab! Finish coloring cell model pages. Gizmo due by Monday if not done in class.

Fri – Core 2&3 Voki drafts. Core 3 title page paragraph. Continue cell model. HW: Core 3 Title page picture and paragraph due Monday.

Mon – Finish cell model. Create Vokis. Core 2&3 study guide. HW: Complete core 2&3 study guide if not done. Study core 2&3 vocab and notes! Test Wed.

Tue – Cell Gizmo. Review for test. HW: Study for test!

Wed – Core 2&3 Test. Core 4 flashcards. HW: Complete flashcards if not done.

Thu – Binder cleanout. Cell Quiz Goals. Savanna Ecosystem notes. HW: Study core 4 words! Quiz Monday.

Fri – Energy Flow notes. Vocab review if time. HW: Study core 4 words – quiz Monday on 1-8 (must know definition!)

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By eduk8r

Mon 10/9 – START NEW CORE 8 UNIT. We will return to Core 2&3 after I return. Classwork – check book hw, core 8 flashcards, core 8 comparing prefixes. HW: Core 2 quiz Tuesday. Complete flashcards and comparing prefixes if not done.

Tue 10/10 – Core 2 quiz. Group sorting activity. Word scramble. HW: Who is the father of classification word scramble. Study core 8 vocab #1-17, quiz Friday.

Wed 10/11 – Video notes on classification. HW: Study core 8 vocab #1-17, quiz Friday.

Thur 10/12 – Book pages 300-307 notes and review. Common Names versus scientific names google classroom assignment. HW: Study core 8 vocab #1-17, quiz Friday.

Fri 10/13 – Quiz core 8 #1-17. Domain Registration pages (3). Finish google classroom assignment.  HW: Finish Domain Registration pages if not done in class, Study Vocab Core 8 #18-35 quiz Thursday

Mon 10/16 – Beestick lab. 6 Kingdoms notes, 6 Kingdom color-coding activity.  HW: Study Vocab Core 8 #18-35 quiz Thursday, Finish coloring page if not done in class.

Tue 10/17 – Taxonomic keys notes. Honeycomb word wall art. HW: Study Vocab Core 8 #18-35 quiz Thursday, finish word wall art if not done in class.

Wed 10/18 – Identification of extinct species. 6 Kingdom Castle coloring pages. HW: Study Vocab Core 8 #18-35 quiz Thursday, Finish ID Extinct Species if not done in class

Thu 10/19 – Quiz on core 8 #18-35. 9 phyla notes and worksheet. Finish Kingdom Castle coloring pages HW: Study all vocab and notes – Test Tuesday. Core 8 title page paragraph.

Fri 10/20 – Classification book pages (p328-334, p342-351, p356-363, p388-395) and Core 8 study guide. HW: Study all core 8 vocab and notes – Test Tuesday. Core 8 title page picture, Finish study guide if not done.

Mon 10/23 – 9 phyla lab. Review for test. HW: Study for test Core 8 tomorrow!

Tue 10/24 – Core 8 Test including classification choice board. HW: Find and review Core 2&3 Vocabulary.

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Computer Lab 9-26-17

By eduk8r

  • Log on to the computer
  • BLOCK 1 ONLY: Go to google classroom – watch the morning announcements AFTER the pledge


  • Go to www.science-eduk8r.com/assignments – use the links from this page (don’t google to find links!)
  • Copy your homework for tonight: Change of clothes due tomorrow. Title page picture due tomorrow.


  • Get out the homework – Core 1 Title Page Paragraph – Keep until after the test, you may refer to it during the test. Hopefully you did well on those details!
  • When instructed, follow the powertest link to take Core 1 Test.
  • Submit when done


  • Turn in your Title Page paragraph to the Teacher
  • Pick up the lab packet from the Teacher – you will choose ONE to complete
  • Go to explorelearning.com – log in with the username and password you created yesterday (see teacher if you need yours)
  • Complete your selected lab and turn into the teacher when done


  • After lab, complete title page paragraph if not already done – turn in when finished.
  • When finished with the test, lab and title page paragraph – you may follow the brainpop links below and play the games linked to them. Email quiz results to brainpopresults@gmail.com
  • You can also ask for coloring supplies from the teacher and work on your Title Page picture

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9/25 – 9/29

By eduk8r

Mon 9/25 – cellfies Nuclear membrane and chromatin. Complete study guides. Title page requirements. Kahoot review. HW: STUDY! Core 1 test tomorrow. Title page paragraph. Quiz corrections from 9/15. study guides answer keys

Tues 9/26 – Sub day. Core 1 Test. Gizmo choice. HW: Core 1 title page picture. Organize/complete all cellfies. Cellfie quiz tomorrow.

Wed 9/27 – Sub day. Cellfie review quiz. Core 2 vocab cards. Core 2 prefix search. HW: Prefix search & flashcards

Thu 9/28 – Astroplant lab. Binder cleanout. HW: Study vocab – quiz Monday

Fri 9/29 – Characteristics of life notes. Core 2 vocab review.  HW: Study vocab – quiz Monday

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9/18 – 9/22

By eduk8r

I am still going through chemo, which means I will frequently have substitutes. Learning will continue on these days with the help of guided video lessons and careful planning of activities. I will also be out for two weeks some time soon for the birth of my twins. I have a special unit planned guided by a substitute who has taught life science previously. I am always available by email, so if any concerns come up during my absences – please contact me!

Katherine_Ewalt@colonialhts.net (also available by messages through remind and class dojo)

Mon 9/18 – Cellfie: Lysosome, Notes on Experimental Design by computer (accessible on Google classroom), Tools of a life scientist and reading a metric ruler as time allows. HW: Quiz Friday: Study all core 1 vocab. Block 1 study prefixes #21-30, Blocks 2&4 study prefixes #16-24. (There is a quizlet link to the right to help with studying – remember the three step method!)

Tue 9/19 – Cellfie: Centriole, Review experimental design, Reading a metric ruler and leaf length lab, Theory vs Hypothesis vs Law as time allows. HW: Complete IV/DV practice packet. Quiz Friday: Study all core 1 vocab. Block 1 study prefixes #21-30, Blocks 2&4 study prefixes #16-24.

Wed 9/20 – Cellfie: Cytoplasm, Water displacement method and solid volume lab, PearDeck vocab factory. HW: Metric Ruler practice (estimating length and using ruler) Quiz Friday: Variable way to practice variables worksheet. Study all core 1 vocab. Block 1 study prefixes #21-30, Blocks 2&4 study prefixes #16-24.

Thu 9/21 – Sub day Cellfies: Nucleus and Cell Wall. Measuring accurately and Study Guide part 1 – tools. HW: Complete study guide part 1, Quiz Friday: Study all core 1 vocab. Block 1 study prefixes #21-30, Blocks 2&4 study prefixes #16-24.

Fri 9/22 – Sub day Cellfie: Nucleolus. Vocab quiz. Scientific Method Fill-in-the-blank from the textbook. Study Guide part 2. HW: Complete fill-in-the-blank and study guide if not done.

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Ewalt 9/11 – 9/15

By eduk8r

Mon 9/11 – Cellfies: ribosome & E.R. Core 1 SOL page, begin core 1 flashcards. HW: Nametag, core 1 flashards and supplies due Wed. Quiz Friday on notes, any related core 1 vocab and prefixes (Block 1 #11-20 Block 2&4 #6-15).

Tue 9/12 – Inference & Observation. Reading a graduated cylinder with practice. Finish nametags and flashcards. Reading a celsius thermometer. HW: Nametag, core 1 flashards and supplies due Wed. Quiz Friday on notes, any related core 1 vocab and prefixes (Block 1 #11-20 Block 2&4 #6-15).

Wed 9/13 – Surprise vocab quiz, Super scientists. HW: Lab safety contract. Quiz Friday on notes, any related core 1 vocab and prefixes (Block 1 #11-20 Block 2&4 #6-15). Mystery headline due Friday.

Thu 9/14 – Cellfie: Golgi. Reading a balance, Mass lab HW: Quiz Friday on notes, any related core 1 vocab and prefixes (Block 1 #11-20 Block 2&4 #6-15). Mystery headline due Friday, textbook covered by Friday, Lab safety contract due Friday, Super scientists due by Monday

Fri 9/15 – Cellfie: vacuole, Quiz on notes, prefixes and vocab. Liquid volume lab. HW: Continue to study vocab 15 minutes every night! Complete any late work!  Super scientists due by Monday

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Ewalt Computer Lab 9-8-16

By eduk8r

  • Get out Pink Computer sheet – log in to computer using the username and temporary password
  • When asked – change your password to the one written at the top of your paper checklist (Starting with capital C, then lower case hms with the @ symbol and your lunch pin).
  • Write the new password on the pink sheet


  • Open Chrome – in URL Web Address bar (NOT THE SEARCH BAR) type:

    • Click on the link for ASSIGNMENTS
    • Find post titled “Ewalt Computer Lab 9-8-16
    • Copy Homework into Planner – Nametag due Wed, Book cover by Fri, Textbook Introduction due Mon, Study next TEN prefixes


  • Click the link for your block quiz. Answer ALL questions and submit, then return to the assignments page.


  • Click link for Powertest (opens in a new tab – leave this tab open)
    • Log in with your Student ID (on pink sheet)
    • Find “Life Science Pre Test” and take the test as soon as it loads
    • The pretest does not count as a grade! This is to show how much life science your already know. You may leave questions BLANK. There will be a time limit on the PreTest so that you can complete today’s work!
    • After test, hit submit, close the test tab and return to the class assignment page.


  • PICK UP your TEXTBOOK, NAMETAG, TEXTBOOK INTRO worksheet from the front of the room!
  • BRING your earbuds and computer login sheet to show Mrs. Ewalt.
  • Click link for Google Classroom
    • Log in with your username and new password. If asked to reset the password, use the same one written at the top of this page.
    • If asked, choose “student” – then you should find the Life Science class listed (if not see Mrs. Ewalt)
    • Click and open the Life Science Class
    • Next find and open “9-8 Homework Instructions” assignment
    • Follow the directions to put your NAME on your textbook INSIDE and on the paper edge. When you have followed the textbook directions and understood the homework instructions, click “Turn In”
    • The class name tag is due Wednesday and the Textbook should be covered by next Friday.
  • Exit all windows, log off of your computer – Turn in this page to Mrs. Ewalt.
  • Work on your class name tag (due Wednesday), mystery headline (due next Friday), or your Textbook Introduction Homework.


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