Kelley/Bennett May15-19,2016

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Click here to learn about Create A Creature

Monday May 15 – Cell Quiz. Create a Creature  Brain storm Test in lab 143

HW:  Work on Create a Creature

Tuesday May 16 – Survivor game, Earthworm drawing

HW:  Work on Create a Creature

Wednesday  May 17 – Reading SOL. Block 4 –Lion King

HW: Create a creature

Thursday May 18 –Protist lab and 6 kingdom handout  Switch classrooms

HW: Create a creature

Friday May 19-  Planarian lab and Identifying  vertebrates / word search

HW:  Create  a creature due Tuesday

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Kelley and Bennett May 8-12, 2017

By eduk8r

Please send in cookie dough roll and/or m&ms, chocolate chips (white chips, butterscotch…), mini m&ms and other sprinkles.  We appreciate whatever you might be able to donate to our Cell Cookie Models.


Monday May 8 Finish land biomes- coloring and placing on them the animals. Due on Friday along with test corrections (optional)

HW:  study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections

Tuesday May 9– finish 9 biomes with Bill Nye video on wetlands and the 2 water biomes-Estuary and Marine.

HW:  Study Cells. study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections

Wednesday May 9 brain pop Classification, discuss Carolus Linneaus  Dichotomous keys and levels of classification –Bring dough and toppings and continue studying cell parts Thursday

HW:  Study Cells. study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections Bring in cookie dough and sprinkles

Thursday May 10-   9 phyla lab and sheet.

HW:  Study Cells. study over the biome handouts and finish all land biomes, do test corrections DUE Friday Bring in cookie dough and sprinkles

Friday May 20– Cell Quiz. Notes and brainpop on 6 kingdoms.

HW: Bring in cookie dough and sprinkles.  Study notes on classification- kingdoms and phyla.

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Kelley/Bennett April 24-28,2017

By eduk8r

Monday April 24-. Punnett squares- pea pods and Bikini bottoms Genetics handout, make flash cards for core 6

HW:  1-12 on study guide core 6,   test on Friday

Tuesday April 25- Finish DNA bead model Cloning & Dolly brainpops. Genetic engineering reading packet.  Bikini bottom genetics problems.

HW:  13-25 on study guide core 6 test on Friday

Wednesday May 4 – go through first half of pages in book on genetics together, Cell quiz, vocabulary worksheet using flash cards

HW:  26-38 on study guide core 6 test on Friday

Thursday May 5 – go over study guide for test and rest of book pages. Bill Nye “Genetics” Give out answer sheet to study guide.

HW:  finish the study guide core 6,  test tomorrow

Friday May 6 –Take test on core 6 Genetics.  Make flash cards for core 7 on Biomes pick a color you haven’t used before. Turn in study guide.

HW:  finish any unfinished classwork- microscope lab, DNA paper or bead models

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M Kelley and (Ewalt) Bennett March 20-24, 2017

By eduk8r

Monday 3/20 – Continue Owl Pellet Lab and Froguts computer lab

HW: Finish Mr. Bones and study vocabulary.  Test core 4 next Wednesday.

Tuesday 3/21 –Continue Owl Pellet lab and Froguts computer lab.

HW: Be sure to finish any make up work.  Study vocabulary core 4 and handouts for test next week on Wednesday.

Wednesday 3/22 – Continue Owl pellet lab and take notes on the computer on cell cycle.

HW: Be sure to finish any make up work.  Study vocabulary core 4 and handouts for test next week on Wednesday.

Thursday 3/23 –  Census takers.  Class discussion on Eutrophication, Succession and Cycles.

HW: Review 1-50 Ecology core 4 flashcards at least 4 times during spring break! Click on the Quizlet link on the right of this entry.  The test will be Wednesday March 29th.

Friday 3/24   Finish owl pellet lab. Go over all vocabulary. Finish Mr. Bones. Study Guide.

HW: Begin study guide and review 1-50 Ecology core 4 flashcards. Test on Wednesday.

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Create-a-Creature Introduction

By eduk8r

Watch the video introduction to the create-a-creature!

Same video linked on YouTube

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End of Semester review

By eduk8r

Lots of links! NOTE some do not work on school server (like Pinterest) due to age requirements.

General Study Tips

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Earn some points

By eduk8r

The weather, of course, has changed what our future schedule will be. The website will be updated as possible. Remember, the teachers usually find out the same time as students when school is closed 😉 As of now, we still have our end of course test scheduled for this Friday Jan 13! See the “Review for the End” post for more ways to prepare for that!

In the meantime – here are some YouTube videos you can watch. If you write down the questions on your own paper (except anything in parentheses) and get the correct answers from the videos, you can turn this into your teacher for extra credit assignment – bonus – all of these videos have been chosen to help you do better with Core 7 (Biomes) and Core 8 (Classification) content that has been interrupted by snow. Also, you can check out even more review/helpful videos at the very end of this post.


(click the titles to get to the videos)

Dichotomous Keys
  1. How many parts does each scientific name have? (*hint number will be less than 10 – look at all the example scientific names to help you)
  2. What is a dichotomous key and what knowledge of the organisms’ do scientists use to help create it?
  3. What is the scientific name of the owl?
10 Ridiculous Scientific Names
  1. In 1753, who invented the simpler, two-part naming system we still use today for scientific names of species?
  2. On what language is the scientific naming system based? (you can skip around listening to the different species to help answer number 4)
  3. What kind of organism has the scientific name Han solo? (Use this link to skip to 6:56 for answer)
  4.  What was your favorite strange scientific name?
Binomial Nomenclature Meaning
  1. (How long can you stand the computer voice? Just pause to get the answers 🙂 What are the rules for writing the first name, the genus?
  2. The second part is a specific epithet that distinguishes the _____________

Learn Biology: Classification

  1. What are the eight levels of the taxonomic hierarchy – starting with the biggest?

Learn Biology: Classification – Domains

  1. List the THREE domain names and give the main characteristics of each

Learn Biology: Biodiversity Definition

  1. Define biodiversity.
Biomes of the world
  1. What is a biome?
  2. List the major biomes and the main climate (temperature and precipitation) as well as some examples of species (plant, animal, other) found there.

More review sources:

From Mrs. Ewalt’s YouTube channel – playlist for Ecology & Biomes, Playlist for Classification – also playlist for Frogs, and a growing study skills playlist you can access anytime!

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Core 5 Study Guide and Answer Key

By eduk8r

For any students needing to study for Thursday’s Test



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See Nature in Action

By eduk8r

Watch a live broadcast of an Eagle’s Nest!

Watch a barred owl’s nest

All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology (lot’s of cameras to choose from!)


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All science students

By eduk8r

You must complete your STUDY GUIDE this weekend! Remember these can’t be late because we will go over the answers during class Monday. Here are some hints for where to look for your answers (the answers are ALL in your notes!).HINTS for where to find STUDY GUIDE answers

You can also review with friends at home using Kahoot.

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