Ewalt Computer Lab 9-8-16

By eduk8r

  • Get out Pink Computer sheet – log in to computer using the username and temporary password
  • When asked – change your password to the one written at the top of your paper checklist (Starting with capital C, then lower case hms with the @ symbol and your lunch pin).
  • Write the new password on the pink sheet


  • Open Chrome – in URL Web Address bar (NOT THE SEARCH BAR) type:

    • Click on the link for ASSIGNMENTS
    • Find post titled “Ewalt Computer Lab 9-8-16
    • Copy Homework into Planner – Nametag due Wed, Book cover by Fri, Textbook Introduction due Mon, Study next TEN prefixes


  • Click the link for your block quiz. Answer ALL questions and submit, then return to the assignments page.


  • Click link for Powertest (opens in a new tab – leave this tab open)
    • Log in with your Student ID (on pink sheet)
    • Find “Life Science Pre Test” and take the test as soon as it loads
    • The pretest does not count as a grade! This is to show how much life science your already know. You may leave questions BLANK. There will be a time limit on the PreTest so that you can complete today’s work!
    • After test, hit submit, close the test tab and return to the class assignment page.


  • PICK UP your TEXTBOOK, NAMETAG, TEXTBOOK INTRO worksheet from the front of the room!
  • BRING your earbuds and computer login sheet to show Mrs. Ewalt.
  • Click link for Google Classroom
    • Log in with your username and new password. If asked to reset the password, use the same one written at the top of this page.
    • If asked, choose “student” – then you should find the Life Science class listed (if not see Mrs. Ewalt)
    • Click and open the Life Science Class
    • Next find and open “9-8 Homework Instructions” assignment
    • Follow the directions to put your NAME on your textbook INSIDE and on the paper edge. When you have followed the textbook directions and understood the homework instructions, click “Turn In”
    • The class name tag is due Wednesday and the Textbook should be covered by next Friday.
  • Exit all windows, log off of your computer – Turn in this page to Mrs. Ewalt.
  • Work on your class name tag (due Wednesday), mystery headline (due next Friday), or your Textbook Introduction Homework.



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